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Villers Enterprises was founded in 1975.

Villers Enterprises originally began with Jim and Edie Villers along with their son Mike. Edie performed the administrative duties with bookkeeping while Jim and Mike focused on developing new sales, new AMSOIL dealers, attending race events like the Milwaukee Mile, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Road America Race Track, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, attending trade shows of all kinds and breaking ground into regional trade shows like the Chicago Auto Show which at the time was billed as the third largest in the world.This major auto show was the first show of its type where AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants was introduced to the world. In 1977, Jim Villers dedicated himself full time to Villers Enterprises and AMSOIL. Villers Enterprises quickly became one of the top ten AMSOIL Direct Jobbers in the United States. Jim and Edie established themselves as pioneers in AMSOIL Business Development, Selling, Marketing, Training, and Technical Support. Jim Villers also served on the AMSOIL Direct Jobber advisory board. 

We would like everyone of our dealers, jobbers, preferred customers, retailers, commercial accounts and AMSOIL Corporate to know that throughout the years we thank you, are grateful and appreciate your business and dedication to AMSOIL. We look forward to continue working with our dealers, jobbers and customers. I am hoping we can meet in person or by phone some day soon. Let’s work together in helping you build your future AMSOIL businesses while sharing this unique opportunity and the best in class synthetic lubricants in the world to our customers.

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Articles about Villers Enterprises

Meet Mike Villers – Youngest AMSOIL Direct Jobber

Reprinted from AMSOIL Pipeline June 1977. Ever wonder how people become Direct Jobbers in their 60’s or 40’s-would you believe a 20 year old?

How about starting on a pedal Bicycle?“Anything’s possible if you want something bad enough,” says Mike Villers. who invested $400.00 into his own choice of transportation called a bicycle and lightweight camp gear. “It’s all I could afford, in fact I put that on a charge account. Figured I could talk to people and distribute a lot of literature this way. I didn’t eat much, slept outside and said 100 thank you’s to gas station operators who let me wash up, shave etc.

According to Mike’s parents, Edie and Jim Villers, Direct Jobbers from Racine, Wisconsin, that’s really not the beginning. According to Jim, the start of this success story was actually the end of another beginning. “While working at Racine Steel, Mike decided there were too many 3 generation families, not counting Uncles, Cousins, Aunts and Nephews working at Racine Steel. Mike feared the trap play and decided to get out while the getting was good. Mike decided there had to be something better and asked about becoming an AMSOIL Dealer.

”That question, according to Edie was the beginning of Mike’s future. We encouraged him by simply saying-Why Not? On that night the Villers Enterprise Whynot Club was born.

When freezing temperatures forced Mike’s transportation into storage, he adopted the world’s least expensive transportation system-he put on his back pack and begin hitching rides. He always seemed to “just happen to have” some extra literature, a lot of knowledge, concern for the energy situation and ample enthusiasm for AMSOIL.

Sales picked up and deliveries were made by “sweet talking” Mama Edie, out of her car. Translated, this means, he simply grabbed the car keys before she had her second cup of coffee.

On his way to qualifying as a Direct Dealer in November 1976 — Mike attended several meetings sponsored by AMSOIL, visited with Direct Jobbers in Minneapolis, and looked upon his Dad’s long extemporaneous speeches as a cafeteria.

Mike bought his own ’76 Subaru Wagon. Now he was really the Master of his own Destiny. He had his own wheels and a new kind of independence. “No more excuses,” he told himself, as he proceeded to qualify in December, his second month.

In January, he qualified as a Direct jobber and the first to break off the Villers line.  “What a way to become independent, says Mike. After following up leads from the Chicago Auto Show, to be visited by 1,000,000 people in a ten day period. Mike says “I’m off to California, where my blood will maintain a stable viscosity and so will my attitude.

”Ask Mike what he thinks about being in business for himself.You’d better be prepared for 3-4 hours of conversation. According to his folks-it will take him this long to tell you how much he’s learned about people, the Free Enterprise System, and, the fact that America still offers the opportunity to fall down and still get up-to change careers-even get run off the road into a ditch on your home away from home, called a Bicycle.

Mike’s Dad recounts, “we believed Mike could be success at the age of 21, when only a few years ago, a young person wasn’t even a legal adult ’till that age. However, we’ve changed our minds, because Mike’s behavior and attitude proved to us he became of age a long time ago, possibly when he decided to leave the steel business and strike out on his own.

”Mike now has at least 30 dealers in his group, LOOK OUT CALIFORNIA!

If you ask Mike he will probably tell you-the AMSOIL Opportunity will put him one step closer to the new Energy Sources-Space Travel-and pyramid Power. Maybe it’s not all Buck Rogers stuff. Jules Verne is probably rolling over in his cloud shouting, “They’ve finally gotten it together. We got to Amatuzio, and he’s revolutionized the lubrication industry, for at least one small part of Planet Earth.

”Who knows what tomorrow may bring. Ask Mike Villers sometime, he’s got some ideas.


One of Mike’s dealers Dave Hansen from Racine, Wisconsin raced Supervee’s using a Bertels air cooled motor. Dave raced in the SCCA throughout the region as a hobby. Mike met Dave at a trade show in Racine, Wisconsin. Dave originally inquired about AMSOIL 75-90 gear lube for his differential in the Supervee. Dave by profession is an engineer. Dave was impressed how the gear lube gave him more power to the track. Dave invited Mike to Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin to begin seeing first hand what racing was all about in the SCCA. Mike handed out literature at the race track that was made by Villers Enterprises and approved by AMSOIL for distribution. Mike generated a lot of interest in the early days. Dave came over to Jim and Edie’s home one time and suggested that we contact a Dave Watson who was an up and coming stock car driver from the Milton, Wisconsin area.

Villers Enterprises continued to advertise in the local newspapers and found out about advertising in the race program for the Milwaukee Mile Race track. This allowed Jim, Edie and Mike to get paddock passes to the pit area.

At an Indy car race at the Milwaukee Mile, Jim and Mike Villers were displaying AMSOIL products in the pit area. Mike Villers was speaking to a gentleman who had stopped by to visit to learn more about the many benefits of AMSOIL products. His name is Harold Hollenagel. Thanks to Harold after hearing Mike discuss the benefits of AMSOIL. Harold suggested to Mike that he follow-up with a childhood friend. Harold wrote the name and address and suggested to Mike that he write a letter using his name as an introduction. Mike looked at the piece of paper and his mouth dropped to the ground. Mike said, ” Wow you know Bobby Unser”? Harold said yes, “Bobby and I go way back. We are childhood friends. When Bobby is in town our families always get together at the race track”. Mike then handed the information over to (Dad) Jim Villers. The rest is history. Here is the result of the relationship how Bobby Unser, Villers Enterprises and AMSOIL began. Jim and Edie Villers introduced Bobby to the high performance world of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. For approximately 7 years Jim and Edie, AMSOIL and Bobby Unser developed a quiet long term relationship.

Another stock car race at the Milwaukee Mile, Dave Watson stopped by the AMSOIL van to see if he could get some AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lube. Jim gave Dave Watson a 2.5 gallon container to fill his gear boxes up before the race. Jim afterwards went up to the grand stands to watch the race when an announcement came over the public address system. Would Jim Villers from AMSOIL come down to car #37 in the pit area? Jim heard the announcement and walked down to see what Dave Watson needed. Dave asked Jim if he wanted to place a couple of AMSOIL stickers on his car before the race started. The relationship was just getting started.

Later the following week or so Jim contacted Dave Watson by phone to discuss sponsorship. Dave was under the impression originally that Jim was going to sponsor Dave in his racing efforts. Dave, Gladys and his crew Chief met with Jim, Edie and Mike. After the meeting Dave Watson was sponsored, but not for racing. Dave became an AMSOIL Dealer and was sponsored by Jim and Edie Villers. That began another long term relationship for Villers Enterprises and Dave and Gladys Watson. Through coordination with AMSOIL Corporation and Jim Villers, Dave got his sponsorship from AMSOIL. In fact, it helped Dave catapult his racing career. One of the racing events that AMSOIL sponsored was at the Milwaukee Mile. Dave went on to become rookie of the year.

Villers Enterprises during the late 70’s and early 80’s introduced and helped sponsor 12 race teams.

From Indy 500 winner Bobby Unser, AL Unser Jr., who was racing Can Am at the time, Dave Watson, ASA rookie of the year, Olav Aaen snowmobile racing legend to Dick Rutan Experimental Air Craft designer who developed a race plane Dan Mortenson flew for AMSOIL. Other teams included many SCCA enthusiasts to a Formula 2 racer and automotive engineer.Due to the pioneering spirit of Jim Edie and Mike Villers they led the way to introducing AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to racing legends in America.

Villers Enterprises (now Advance Oil Technologies) was founded in 1975. We look forward to continue working with our jobbers, dealers, retailers, commercial accounts, and customers to assist in building your AMSOIL businesses. We would like to thank all of you for your dedication and support throughout the years.We provide custom lubrication solutions to all types of customers. From families to trucking fleets, we have the products and expertise to help you save time and money. We serve customers across North America, and we are always happy to help any way we can. Contact us for more information on AMSOIL products, for help determining which products you need or to place an order. You can also order online.

My contact info is 802.327.4042 or email me at