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A lawn mower can help you keep your home pretty and functional. Still, you need to be careful while you ride it to stay safe. For tips on the matter, read this post by Go Synthetic Lubes in Pewaukee.

How to Use Your Lawn Mower in a Safe Manner

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Learn More About Your Lawn Mower

What's the best synthetic oil for your lawn mower? How do you turn it on? How do the blades work and how should you clean them? These and many others are questions you probably have about your lawn mower, and the best way to solve them is to read your owner's manual. Doing so is incredibly important, because even though your lawn mower is a smaller vehicle, it's still a complex and dangerous machine. Learn what you can about it to ensure you'll stay as safe as possible when you ride it.  

Avoid Reckless Behavior

As you may be aware, there are certain things you definitely shouldn't do when you're driving a vehicle: speed, drive it while under the influence, get distracted, have children drive it, among others rules that are common sense. Well, these same rules apply to your riding a lawn mower. Avoiding reckless behavior is the best way to guarantee your and other people's safety, so please keep them in mind. It's important to note that you should never leave your lawn mower on and unattended, as this may lead to accidents.  

Keep It in Top Shape

A unkempt lawn mower that malfunctions and has a lot of issues is not a safe one to ride. In those cases, it may be much safer to just let your lawn grow out of control. However, if you want to ensure your garden and your safety will be properly maintained, you should do the same for your lawn mower. Every so often, take it to a professional mechanic who can assess its condition and provide the required maintenance. Furthermore, it is crucial that you pay attention to how it works and notice any issues that may arise, so you can take care of them promptly.  

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Dress Appropriately

While you may not think too much of it, what you wear while you ride on your lawn mower is to be considered. And this is not because the fashion police may come get you, but because neglecting this could put you in a dangerous position. That's why, you should don the right apparel when you're mowing the lawn: closed-toe, sturdy shoes, clothes that aren't too loose or long so they won't get caught in the mechanism, and sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses if you'll be working on your lawn during a sunny day.  

Keep Children Safe

Children love being outside and playing around. Moreover, they are very curious beings. Both of these characteristics can spell 'disaster' if you don't take care of your children when you're using the lawn mower. Luckily, there are things that you can do to avoid a mishap. For starters, don't let them be outside while you're mowing the lawn, and certainly, don't allow them anywhere near it (i.e. don't let them ride it). It's also imperative that you keep them from reaching the mower's blades with their tiny hands.  

Do a Quick Recon Job Before Starting

Before you hop on your mower and start caring for your lawn, you should take a few minutes to do a quick recon job of the area that you'll be working on. As you can imagine, if an object were to get caught in the mower's mechanism, it could ruin it, or it could be thrown out aggressively. To ensure this isn't the case, inspect the area you'll be mowing, and remove any rocks, twigs, toys, or any other object that may be laying around to prevent accidents.

Remove Stuck Items Carefully

Lastly, if something does get caught in the lawn mower's blades, you need to be extremely careful while removing it. First of all, you should turn the vehicle off as you try to get the object unstuck. It's also highly recommended that you avoid touching the blades as much as possible, to keep you from hurting your hands.

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