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Myths and urban legends can cloud the truth of a situation. That's why, to clear up synthetic oil's name, you should read this post by Advance Oil Tech in Vermont to debunk some of its myths.

The Truth Behind Synthetic Oil Stories

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You Should Break in Your Engine With Conventional Oil

Ok, first things first: there's absolutely no reason why you can't use synthetic oil in your vehicle if it's brand new. Nowadays, some new vehicles even come equipped with synthetic oil for their engines. However, this myth exists because, it used to be the case that vehicles did need to be broken in with conventional oil, in order to remove the abrasive metals in it. But, once again, that's not the case anymore.

Synthetic Oil is Completely Made in a Lab

Some people imagine that synthetic oil is made in a lab by scientists from a complicated chemical process. Still, while synthetic oil does spend a lot of time in the lab as it goes through its purification process, it comes from natural oil, just as conventional oil does. The difference, once again, is what happens after the natural oil has been collected.

The Car’s Warranty Will Be Voided If You Use Synthetic Oil

This synthetic oil myth probably stems from the first one we discussed, since people think that you need conventional oil to get their vehicles running. However, you should also put this myth to rest. If you do a good job at keeping up with the manufacturer's requirements, there's no reason to believe your warranty will be voided. Plus, nowadays, many manufacturers recommend the use of synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Can Make the Engine Leak

Others believe that synthetic oil is the responsible for damaging the engine and getting it to leak. But, as you can imagine, this isn't the case at all. This myth originated because synthetic oil is a lot thinner than conventional oil. This means that if there was a damaged seal or gasket in the engine, the synthetic oil is far more likely to leak through it than its conventional counterpart.

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There's No Switching Back From It

For some reason, people think that using synthetic oil for your engine is a life long commitment. Still, this isn't true at all. If, after trying it out, synthetic oil didn't meet your expectations, or you simply prefer other type of oil to protect and lubricate your engine, you can always switch it up. Just make sure that the oil you end up using meets the requirements that your vehicle's manufacturer specifies.

You Never Need to Replace It

If you know anything about vehicles, then you know just how important the oil changes are in order to maintain the engine in top shape. That's why it's imperative that you keep up with them. This is true, no matter what type of oil you use in your vehicle. The higher quality of the synthetic oil will require you to replace it less frequently than other oils. Still, this doesn't mean that you should be neglectful with the replacements, as it could bring dire consequences for your engine.

You Don't Need to Change the Oil Filter

The oil filter has the essential job of keeping debris, gunk, and other nastiness away from your engine, to prevent it from wreaking havoc on its components. Still, after some time, all of the trapped filth in it can begin to filter through. For that reason, every time you change your synthetic oil, you need to change out the old, dirty oil filter for a new, fresh one.

Synthetic Oil is Expensive

For this last myth, there's no denying that there is some truth to it. If you simply compare prices, yes, synthetic oil is pricier than the other options out there. However, when you take into account how much money it will end up saving you, it becomes the most financially responsible choice. When you use synthetic oil continually, you save money on gas, on your vehicle's maintenance, and on the oil changes (since, as mentioned above, synthetic oil doesn't need to be changed as often). After all is said and done, it becomes the less expensive option.

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