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Being aware of how you spend your bike's fuel makes a lot of economic sense. To that end, follow the tips in this post by Go Synthetic Lubes in Pewaukee to improve your bike's fuel economy. 

How to Improve Your Bike's Fuel Economy

Nowadays, you can never be too careful with your personal economy. That's why it's important that you are aware of how you spend your money, and that you find ways to save it. For that reason, in the following post you'll find tips on how to improve your bike's fuel efficiency, so you can make the most out of the fuel and money you pour into it.

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Utilize Top Performing Products for Your Bike

Something you should consider if you want your bike to be more fuel efficient, is the quality of the products you use for its maintenance and functioning. For example, filling the gas tank with low quality fuel can lead to sludge buildup in its fuel system, which can affect its performance and may even damage its components. Opt for high-quality fuel to ensure a proper performance. It's also recommended that you use a fuel additive to maximize your bike's power. But again, you should employ a high quality additive, such as AMSOIL's Motorcycle Octane Boost, if you truly want your bike to be as efficient as possible with its fuel.

Care for Its Upkeep

A bike that hasn't been cared for as needed will spend a lot more gasoline that one that's been properly maintained. This is because, riding on a bike with a faulty fuel system, damaged tires, or a deficient braking system will make your rides less smooth, which means the engine will have to compensate, work extra hard, and use up more fuel, to get you moving. To enhance your fuel consumption, take your bike to a professional mechanic for an inspection on a regular basis (e.g. twice a year). This will help you keep your motorcycle in top shape and your rides on it smooth as butter.

Maintain the Engine Perfectly

As mentioned above, an overworked engine can seriously decrease your bike's fuel economy. That's why it's especially important that you maintain the bike's engine in top shape, so its components can work as expected and use fuel in a more efficient manner. To that end, you should firstly make sure that the engine remains clean. Likewise, you should guarantee that your engine gets regular synthetic oil replacements. The oil coats the engine's moving components, so that the friction between them doesn't wear them down, and that the processes that they go through are done smoothly. All of this can contribute to a more fuel efficient bike.

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Stay Light

When you carry a lot of items on your bike, you make it heavier, which makes the engine work harder to move it. As previously stated, a stressed engine is a much more wasteful engine. For that reason, if you want to keep your rides fuel efficient, you should remember to stay light. To that end, you can try:
  • only riding with the absolute necessities (forget about adding a bunch of accessories to your bike).
  • minimizing wind resistance (make use of aerodynamic gear and avoid riding against the wind).

Ride Gently

The thrill of riding a motorcycle may make a few bikers a bit careless. However, doing so isn't only dangerous for their safety, but for the bike's condition and fuel consumption as well. This is because,  stopping and going, speeding, making sharp turns, and more, can result in an overworked engine which, as you know, is terrible for fuel economy. Be a more gentler rider to ensure your well-being and to keep an optimum fuel efficiency level.

Have a Plan

Finally, if you don't want your bike to waste fuel, then don't waste fuel! This means that you shouldn't just ride around aimlessly. Instead, make sure that you know where you're headed and how you'll get there before you even hop on the motorcycle. This will keep you from wasting fuel, and it will also lower your carbon monoxide emissions considerably.

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