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The synthetic oil in your engine needs to be changed regularly. If you have been irresponsible with this basic maintenance task in the past, here are some tips on how you can improve.

How to Be More Responsible With Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

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Know Why You Should Do It

The first step is to being more responsible with your engine's synthetic oil replacements, is knowing exactly why you should keep up with them. This way, you'll at least be aware of what will happen if you start missing the replacements. To begin with this, learn about what the oil does to your engine and why replacing it is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can do for your vehicle. So, the oil is basically the protector and the lubricator of your engine. It is necessary, because, when the engine is running, its parts are moving, meaning they're brushing against each other and generating friction and heat. The oil protects the moving parts, decelerates their wear and tear, smooths out the processes in the engine, and helps keep the temperature down. Unfortunately, time and use can take a toll on the engine oil: it can thin it out, make it coarser, and generally make it ineffective at doing its job. When that happens, your engine is completely exposed. Its temperature increases, its components are vulnerable to wear and tear, and its performance and lifespan can diminish significantly. Moreover, if you allow this to happen, you will be wasting a lot of money, since getting your engine repaired or replaced is a lot more expensive, stressful, and time-consuming than getting it its regular oil changes.

Seek More Information

Getting informed about the synthetic oil changes your engine needs (how frequently they should get done, how you should do them, what type of oil you'll need for them, and more), is also responsible, which is why you should try to do it. Upon your research, it's likely that you'll find a good amount of generic information regarding a vehicle's synthetic oil changes (for instance, you may learn that you should be replacing the oil every 3,000 miles). However, said information may not apply to your vehicle (in the previous example, you would actually have to consider your vehicle's age and use to have a more accurate number of miles). That's why you should dig deeper to find information you can actually use, and that will help you take better care of your vehicle in general. A good place to start would be your owner's manual. If you don't have it with you, turn to a reliable mechanic for specific tips, and a routine inspection while you're there.

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Don't Trust Your Memory

If your memory has failed you in the past in regards to your vehicle's synthetic oil changes, then stop trusting it! There are a few other things you can do to get reminded that the replacements are due. One of the easiest ones is to turn to others. This means that, if you share the vehicle with someone else (like a family member), they too should be in charge of remembering and replacing the synthetic oil for it. This way, the burden won't fall on your shoulders alone. Another thing you can do is document the replacements you get for your vehicle in a notebook. Write down the date, how many oil bottles you used, and when is the next replacement. If you don't think that would work for you, you can simply rely on your smartphone. Setting an alarm and labeling it properly for the next oil change date will remind you it should get done when it goes off. Lastly, you can let others remind you. Nowadays, many mechanics or auto repair shops have apps or a notification system that will let you know whenever it's time to take your vehicle in (be it to change its oil, for a routine inspection, or other service). Be sure to sign up for it, so you never miss another replacement and can keep your engine and vehicle in mint condition for longer.

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