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Knowing how to deal with an overheated engine can help you go through the situation in a safer and more effective manner. To learn how to do it, read this post by Go Synthetic Lubes in Pewaukee.

How to Manage an Overheated Engine

Being stranded in the middle of the road because of an overheated engine can be dangerous and extremely annoying. Still, not knowing how to deal with the situation can put you in an even more precarious position. For that reason, you should read the post below to find out how you can manage an overheated engine as effectively as possible.

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Take a Few Preventive Steps

Even as we're entering the colder months, it is still imperative that you take a few preventive measures if you want to guarantee your vehicle won't overheat on you. This is especially important if you've experienced the annoyance that is having a vehicle that overheats on you, since it's more likely that it will happen again. To prevent that situation:
  • Provide regular professional inspections to your vehicle. A mechanic can check for leaks, blockages, or other problems that could cause your engine's temperature to rise.
  • Also, make sure to change the synthetic oil as it is required, since it can also contribute to the engine's temperature.
  • Have a bottle of coolant or water in your vehicle, so you can refill the reservoir if your engine does start to heat up.

Know How to React at the First Signs

An overheated engine doesn't act as a normal engine would. On the contrary, it can be jumpy, seem heavier, and start producing weird noises. If you start noticing this odd behavior in your vehicle, you should follow the tips below:
  • Look at the temperature gauge, since it will give you a better idea of how your engine is doing. Take note if the gauge is moving towards the "very hot" area.
  • If, in fact, your engine is overheating, turn the air conditioning off. This will help the engine relax a bit more.
  • If turning the air conditioning system off didn't have much of an effect, blast the heater on. Doing so will allow some of the heat from the engine to escape.
Continue to notice the temperature gauge, and see if these steps made any difference in the engine's condition.

Stop the Vehicle Whenever Possible

As you're probably aware, one of the first things you should do whenever your engine overheats is find a place to stop and give the engine a chance to cool down. Nonetheless, this isn't always possible. If your engine overheats while you're stuck in traffic, there are a couple of things you can do:
  • Put your vehicle in "Neutral" to let the engine rest for a bit.
  • Drive around at a slow and steady pace (without breaking or speeding) to, once again, let the engine relax.
Do this until you find somewhere safe to stop.

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Help the Engine Cool Down

Once you have found a safe spot to deal with the situation, you should:
  • Park the vehicle and turn it off completely.
  • Use your hazard lights or other signals if you stopped near traffic, to let the people around you know that you're not moving.
  • Open up the hood of the car, so the engine can be ventilated by fresh air.
  • Let around 30 minutes pass by before you do anything else. Before that, the engine will be too hot for you to deal with it.
  • Take out the water or coolant bottle in your vehicle and start re-filling the reservoir. According to CarsDirect the coolant will absorb the heat and transport it away from the engine.
After you've completed this list, your vehicle should be able to turn on and run as usual.

Go to a Professional Mechanic

Finally, you should visit a professional mechanic. This is because an overheated engine is not a normal occurrence (though it may be common), and it may be the symptom of a much bigger problem (such as a leaky cooling system). To rule out or fix any issues, take your vehicle to a mechanic promptly after it overheated.

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